Local design

Klippan's Woolen factory (factory outlet)

In Klippan you’ll find “Klippans Yllefabrik” (Klippan wooden factory)’s factory shop where they sell large parts of their wide range of products and also have a large “outlet” section where you can make real bargains! Well worth a visit for anyone interested in home decor! www.klippansyllefabrik.se (Klippan is approx 17 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

Ceramics / Crafts

Skåne is full of talented artisans. In Klåveröd on Söderåsen you will find a world champion in throwing, Bente Brosböl Hansen, who creates amazing patterns on her impressive creations. In Billinge you can visit Billinge Krukmakeri, who also hosts throwing events and hands-on classes in their studio. If you are up for a slightly longer excursion and wish to go to the small coastal village  Mölle at Kullaberg, we highly recommend that you visit the cozy Mölle Krukmakeri (pottery) , which also has a small restaurant and a cafe in its garden and its café.

Grocery stores / food

”Smaker från Söderåsen”

If you like to visit cozy farm shops who sell their own and locally produced products, there are many reasons to go to Söderåsen. Here you will find berry farmers, fish smokers, deer farms, plant shops and farm groceries to mention a few of them. At smakerfransoderasen.se you will find info on the different companies, their opening hours, etc. We highly recommend Bjärhus Gårdsbutik, Bonnarps Hjortgård and Gunnaröds Gård.

Ljungbyhed & Röstånga -nearby villages

In the nearby villages Ljungbyhed and Röstånga – both 5 km away, there are well-stocked grocery stores (Hemköp / ICA) that are open every day, if you want to buy your food to cook here in the guest kitchen, or to prepare your picnic to bring out as a picnic. There are also gas stations in both villages, as well as a bakery.

Cafés & Restaurants

Sababa röstånga

– a vegetarian pop up restaurant in the nearby village Röstånga. (5km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

Röstånga Gästgiveri (Röstånga Inn)

A traditional Inn with Swedish food, in the nearby village Röstånga (5 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

Spångens gästgiveri (Spången Inn)

Another  traditional Inn with Swedish food, in the nearby village Ljungbyhed (4 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

Welcome to Söderåsen – Sweden’s southernmost wilderness!

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