Our breakfast buffe is served  08.00-09.00 am (or at other times if agreed).

Our breakfast is served in the dining room and it is guaranteed to give you a good start of the day . When the weather is nice we recommend that you bring your breakfast out into the garden to enjoy the morning sun. We serve coffee , tea, juices , sandwiches with various toppings, ”filmjölk” / yoghurt with cereal, fruits and boiled eggs. Some homemade surprise might show up.

Breakfast is served 8:00 a.m. to 09:00 or at agreed time.

If you need a special diet due to food allergies, please let us know when you book and we will try to arrange an alternative for you!

Afternoon coffee / "Fika"

We spoil our B&B guests with “fika” – i e coffee / tea and a slice of freshly baked cake for afternoon tea . These goodies are served in the dining room at 3pm.

The dining room

The dining / living room has tables to sit at and enjoy panoramic views over Söderåsen. There is also a lounge area where you can sit and read a good book , play games or watch TV.

The kitchen

The common kitchen is fully equipped and available for our guests, From the sink you can see the panoramic view over Söderåsen, so for once it is a pleasant task to do the dishes. During the morning hours, only our staff has access to the kitchen while they prepare and serve the breakfast, but the microwave oven, fridge and kettle are available even during these hours. After breakfast, the staff clean the kitchen and then our guests have access to the kitchen for own cooking for the rest of the day.

The surroundings

 Outside the guesthouse wing there is plenty of space to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings . There is patio furniture to sit on and also plenty of lawn to lay out your blanket to read a good book or perhaps for a nice nap. From early morning to late evening , you’ll be able to find places to enjoy the sun. Evenings are stunning, with the sun setting behind Söderåsen. You just can’t get enough!

Cafés & local farm shops

Around Söderåsen you’ll be abel to find many cozy farm shops selling their fine products . Shop some really nice meat products and vegetables and take the opportunity to try the ” flavors of Söderåsen ”. Bjärhus gårdsbutik, Bonnarps Hjortgård, Ådala Gård, Frick’s Spettkaksbageri and “Lotta på åsen” are a few of the gems that we can recommend!

Supermarkets & restaurants

Ljungbyhed and Röstånga

..In both the nearby villages  – Ljungbyhed and Röstånga, which are only 5 km from here, there are well-stocked grocery stores (Hemköp / ICA ), which are open daily, if you want to buy what you need to cook you dinner here, prepare for a bbq or maybe your picnic lunch . There are also gas stations, pizza shops and bakeries in both villages.

Sababa – a vegetarian take away/ pop up restaurant

Sababa in Röstånga serves wonderful vegetarian/vegan hotspots, sallads, sandwiches during summer. Take away or enjoy the outdoor seats at the restaurant.

Mam’s Thai takeaway

Just a few kilometers from Pensionat Söderåsen you will find Mam’s Thai takeaway, a food truck on a farm where Mam cooks her favourite meals from Thailand. Yummie meals perfect to bring back to, and enjoy at the B&B.

Röstånga Gästgiveri
A traditional “inn” with a restaurant, in the village Röstånga.

 Spångens gästgivaregård i Ljungbyhed

Another traditional “Inn” that serves lunch, “Smörgåsbord” etc.

“Lotta på åsen” – kaffestuga

A very sweet traditional “coffee cottage” in the slopes of Söderåsen, where they serve plenty of cakes, cookies, and their famous waffles in the beautiful garden. 

Frick’s spettekaksbageri  and gardencafé in Billinge

Enjoy the very special Scanian delicacy “Spettkaka” or some other beautiful homemade pies, cakes or ice-cream in the blooming rose garden at Frick’s in Billinge.