Söderåsen offers great opportunities for hiking in beautiful surroundings. The national park and other nearby nature reserves have several well-marked trails to follow, which will take you to exciting environments: Into the rift valley, up on the plateaus, through beautiful beech forest, along the creek and to fresh water springs.

Ta med familjen på cykeltur


We have bikes for rent  at Pensionat Söderåsen. The roads around Söderåsen and in the Rönneå valley offer beautiful and varied scenery and many attractions with high natural and cultural values. It’s like biking through real “Astrid Lindgren story”-surroundings with grazing cows and horses, blackberry bushes and beautiful stone walls along the road. Bike to the mushroom forest, the cozy farm shops or to a lake for a swim or just enjoy the quiet roll forward in the beautiful landscape.


Outdoor activities

Here at Pensionat Söderåsen you can gather the whole the golf group to hang out and play golf on nice courses – just pick and choose between all the nearby courses. The National Park, the beautiful surroundings and the tranquility you get as a bonus. The nearest golf course is Ljungbyhed GK situated on the old Air Force field on an open moor.


Farmshops & crafts

In this region you will find several farm shops with local produce as well as crafts and art from skilled artists. You can for example visit the world potter champion Bente Brosböl Hansen who lives in Klåveröd.

Sites to visit - points of interest

In the Söderåsen region and in this province (Skåne) you will find a great variety of sights to explore and interesting places to visit. The cultural as well as the natural values are high!

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