Nearby sights to explore

Within a radius of 10 km from Pensionat Söderåsen there are many nice places to visit. You will find, among other things, several fine nature reserves and national parks (Kullaberg, the water kingdom, Stenshuvud etc.) and areas such as the Bjäre peninsula, Ven and Österlen. Are you looking for city life you can choose between Helsingborg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Ängelholm, Båstad, Helsingör, Ystad, and Halmstad and others. In other words, there is always an exciting day trip that awaits if you do not just want to enjoy Söderåsens tranquility and fine offerings.

The Söderåsen nationalpark

In the national park you can hike on well marked trails, enjoy large deciduous forests, follow Skärån wandering into the Skäralid Rift Valley, or enjoy the tranquility at the Skärdammen lake and see the singing swans paddling around. Near Röstånga you’ll find the beautiful Lake Odensjön, with its exciting story, and on the way there you pass through the beautiful Nackarp Valley. It is hard to find a more beautiful road than the one that winds through Nackarpsdalen’s beech forest! The Pensionat Söderåsen staff are certified national park guides and are happy to take groups on a guided hike and share information about the unique nature on and around Söderåsen.

Skåne's zoo

Half an hours’ drive away, just outside Höör you’ll find  Skåne’s zoo. There are many different Nordic animals to admire at and the park is a perfect destination for families with children and people  who are interested in animals and wildlife. There are many nice places in the park to enjoy your picnic or to buy food. Read more at

(29km from Pensionat Söderåsen)


The Sofiero castle park just north of Helsingborg is fantastic. In 2010, it was named Europe’s most beautiful park and it is an amazing experience to wander around the park and enjoy all the flowers and this thriving work of art.

(52 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

The Bjäre peninsula

On this fertile and scenic peninsula there is a favorite spot for everyone, Torekov, Bastad, Hovs Hallar mm. There are lots of scenic small roads perfecter biking or to cruise with a motorcycle.

The Kullaberg peninsula

You’ll find dramatic cliffs and beautiful views on the Kullaberg peninsula and nature reserve. At the lighthouse there is also a Naturum with nice and interesting exhibitions and a nice café.


In the nature reserve at Kullaberg, the artist Lars Vilks has created his artwork Nimis and the kingdom Ladonia. A great work of art created from driftwood that is really unparalleled … It is a challenging climb down the path, and all visits are done at your own risk – but it sure is an experience to visit this artwork.

The nature

Pensionat Söderåsen is located in very beautiful surroundings and it is lovely to just enjoy the meadows, forests and backroads here in our neighbourhood ! There is a  large lawn to run around and play on, or why not grab one of the hammocks or lay out your blanket on the grass and read a book or take a nap?!


A well-known part of eastern Skåne with rolling fields, apple orchards and many small charming fishing villages and to visit.


The island outside Landskrona is a lovely place for relaxation and cycling.

(The ferry terminal is 45 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

Hallands väderö

A short boat ride takes you from Torekov to the island Hallands Väderö, which is a beautiful nature reserve. The island offers lovely beaches, seal colonies to look out for and exciting nature to explore.

Platsens hus - Perstorp

A visit to “The house of plastics” in Perstorp is both interesting and a great nostalgic trip. An exciting industrial history mixed with a glimpse of the development of the Swedish people’s home.

(15 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

Järnvägsmuseum / Railway museum

The Swedish Railway Museum /  Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum is to be found in Ängelholm. The museum is located next to the railway station in an old roundhouse you’ll find the interesting exhibition with creative and playful environments. Fun for the whole family.

39km from Pensionat Söderåsen.

Flygmuseum / Museum of aviation

At the old aviation fleet in Ängelholm you will find today an aviation museum well worth a visit. Here, among other things, several different planes are shown and there is a flight simulator. Read more about the Air Museum. (40 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)